FRIENDSHIP IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN DETERMINING A PERSON’S HAPPINESS; Result from national survey of 1515 adults---age 50 and over---about the impact of friendship on their lives.
Enjoying Life

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

After researching the importance of having fun we decided to channel Cyndi Lauper and ask a few friends for suggestions.  We love their answers.  Please email us to add you own:


  • I go to the beach, late afternoon is my favorite. There is nothing like listening to the waves and seagulls at that time of day to get blood pressure down and just let your thoughts go free.  
  • Love ferry rides (doing that today). Cruises aren’t always possible, but how great is it to take a ferry on a lovely afternoon. Let the breeze and sun blow through your hair and close your eyes!  Oh, yes !
  • Challenge yourself to do something that you find intimidating.  Last year, I took to the top of the trees and went zip lining. Definitely got my adrenaline flowing (how many things get that reaction at our age?).  And brings a smile to my face every time I think of it ????
  • This winter I tried indoor rock climbing.  What a sense of accomplishment. 
  • Next month, I’m thinking of trying surfing. I grew up by the beach. Knew a ton of ????????‍♀️ surfers but it didn’t call to me then. Thinking of revisiting that decision. ????
  • So I guess, my fun at this age is challenging myself to not feel or act my age. Hysterical, right ?


As you point out, there’s a difference between fun, enjoyable planned activities and silly/spontaneous.

For silly fun:

  • play with the dog — got on the floor, let him sit his 63 lbs in my lap, play catch, tug of war
  • put on a CD and dance or sing by myself.
  • bang on my drums (I’m not a musician).

Other fun:

  • painting, drawing, anything arty or crafty that’s on my own.

Memory-making fun playdates:

  • painting, shopping, dining out, movie, exploring a nabe with a friend or friends. 

Ruth 1:

  • Try on makeup at department store cosmetics counters
  • Go to craft shows and browse
  • Get a dipped cone at Dairy Queen

Ruth 2:

  • Swim, bike, drop everything to visit a random friend I have not seen in years.
  • Explore a new area of town. Call a friend across the country.


  • Play with my grandchildren, especially my two-year-old grandson who loves anything that moves. I’ve taken him a few stops on the Long Island Rail Road just for the ride and on the cross town bus and back in Manhattan. He loves it and so do I.
  • With my toddler granddaughter, I really enjoy putting her in the stroller and exploring different neighborhoods in Manhattan. She loves going on the swings in the park and I love to watch the look on her face. I pretend not to notice that NYC parks have a “time limit” on the swing.   


  • Recently I treated my niece and myself to floats at in an isolation tank! Reboot float Relaxing, fun, different, crazy!
  • Working in cafes (with comfy seating, high ceilings, good coffee and good music) instead of at home can be a fun activity. I usually don’t talk to people but recently in San Francisco a couple who looked to be around my age sat near me…we discovered had tons in common and made a dinner date for later that week!
  • Lively, ongoing text threads with a couple of whip-smart young friends are a highlight of my every day (and night!). We randomly reflect on whatever is going on in our minds/lives or the news at that moment. Politics at the top of the list, but celebrity gossip and makeup are solidly part of the mix too. These young women are doing super-exciting work, they travel extensively and are huge self-improvement buffs. They broaden my world and inspire me.
  • I’m close with my kids and text with them frequently and warmly, but let’s face it: your own kids don’t wanna hear juicy details about Mom’s past escapades (eeww), and Mom’s “sage” advice isn’t always eagerly welcomed. Your old friends (“old” meaning both “longtime” and… old) already know everything about you and sometimes  have fixed ideas about who you are—ideas that are rooted in the past and not necessarily reflective of who you are today.
  • While the topics we cover are sometimes gut-wrenching… these text- fests are a daily gift.
  • Estate/garage/tag/yard sales are FUN! I’m obviously in a stage of life where I’m divesting rather than accumulating Stuff, so I no longer go to these with the same determined mindset as when I was setting up a household (and bought some great, gently used pieces of furniture and housewares for a fraction of the original cost). Sometimes I’ll buy an item and switch it out with one that’s falling apart in my own house, or treat myself to something modest, ie a hardcover book or the perfect frame for an old photo that I’ve wanted to display forever. It’s fascinating (and beautiful and poignant) to walk through people’s homes and see the story of their lives through their possessions.

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